It’s ALL Customer Service: Blaming the Victim

I figure when something catches my eye for the 50th time and I’ve never seen it written about, I should get on it.  So, here’s one:

In the restroom at our clinic – which includes a hospital wing – there’s a prominent sign with a photo of hands in soapy water that says,“It’s OK to ask.  Proper hand hygiene: it’s everyone’s responsibility.”  Emphasis theirs.

As Seth Meyers might say on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, “Really, [our clinic who shall remain nameless]?  Really, if my doctor doesn’t wash her hands, it’s my fault?”

When I see EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS in a restaurant restroom, it bothers me to think they have so little trust in their employees that a sign is needed, but the pay is generally low, and at least they don’t suggest customers police them.  I guess if you get food poisoning, cross your fingers you’ll be taken to a hospital where the doctors wash their hands….