It’s ALL Customer Service: Blaming the Victim

I figure when something catches my eye for the 50th time and I’ve never seen it written about, I should get on it.  So, here’s one:

In the restroom at our clinic – which includes a hospital wing – there’s a prominent sign with a photo of hands in soapy water that says,“It’s OK to ask.  Proper hand hygiene: it’s everyone’s responsibility.”  Emphasis theirs.

As Seth Meyers might say on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, “Really, [our clinic who shall remain nameless]?  Really, if my doctor doesn’t wash her hands, it’s my fault?”

When I see EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS in a restaurant restroom, it bothers me to think they have so little trust in their employees that a sign is needed, but the pay is generally low, and at least they don’t suggest customers police them.  I guess if you get food poisoning, cross your fingers you’ll be taken to a hospital where the doctors wash their hands….

1 thought on “It’s ALL Customer Service: Blaming the Victim”

  1. I’ve always found the “Employees Must Wash Hands…” sign kind of awkward. If you really look at it, it almost reads as though we are supposed to stand there and wait for one of the restaurant staff to come in and wash our hands before we leave the restroom.

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